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Configuration files

There are several configuration files included with the project, with most of them located in the root directory. Below, you'll find a list of these files along with a brief description of each.

File name Description
package.json File contains meta data about your app or module. Most importantly, it includes the list of dependencies to install from npm repository when running npm install.
build/config.js The config.js is the file where you can configure your project paths (directory structure).
.babelrc.js This file is used to configure Babel, a JavaScript compiler. It defines how JavaScript code should be transformed and transpiled to ensure compatibility with different environments and browser versions. For more details visit Babel website.
.browserslistrc This file is used to specify the list of target browsers and their versions for compatibility when processing and autoprefixing CSS and JavaScript code. It is currently configured with Bootstrap's default list of browsers. For more information about available Browserlist options visit https://github.com/browserslist/browserslist.
.editorconfig This file is used to enforce consistent coding style and formatting across different code editors and IDEs. It specifies settings such as indentation, line endings, and character encoding to maintain code consistency among developers working on the project. For more details visit EditorConfig website.
.eslintrc.js This file serves as a configuration file for ESLint, a JavaScript linting tool. It defines coding style rules and enforces code quality standards within the project's codebase. Currently, it is configured to work seamlessly with Prettier formatter.
.gitignore This file is used to specify files and directories that should be ignored and not tracked by Git, ensuring they are not included in version control.
.htmlvalidate.json This file serves as a configuration file for HTML validation in the project which is done via HTML-validate plugin. It specifies rules and settings for HTML validation checks, ensuring that HTML files adhere to desired standards and guidelines.
.prettierignore This file is used to specify files and directories that should be excluded from code formatting when using Prettier, a code formatting tool.
.prettierrc This file is used to configure Prettier, a code formatting tool. It specifies the code formatting rules and preferences, ensuring consistent and aesthetically pleasing code style throughout the project.
.stylelintrc.json This fileis used to configure Stylelint, a tool for enforcing coding style and consistency in CSS or SCSS files. It defines the rules and settings for checking and maintaining the quality of your project's stylesheets. It is currently configured to follow Bootstrap's default coding style.