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Project structure


The folder houses both the source and production files for the template.

Around / assets

This folder contains compiled template's assets generated from the source files.

Around / assets / app-icons

This folder houses favicon images tailored for various browsers and platforms. These icons are integrated into the <head> section of an HTML document.

Around / assets / css

In this folder, you will find compiled .css files, including: theme.css and theme.min.css as well as their mapping files.

Around / assets / icons

This folder contains the Around icons font file, as well as the associated .css file generated from the SVG icon collection located in the src/icons directory. For additional information, please refer to the UI icons (Icon font) section.

Around / assets / img

This folder houses all template's graphic assets, including images, illustrations, vector icons, and more, neatly organized within subfolders.

Around / assets / js

This folder includes compiled versions of both theme.js and its minified counterpart, theme.min.js, accompanied by their respective mapping files.

Around / assets / json

This folder contains configuration .json files for Lottie player animations.

Around / assets / vendor

This directory houses the .js and .css files for all vendor plugins. For guidance on installing new vendor plugins, refer to this section.

Around / src

Directory containing source files.

Around / src / icons

This folder houses a collection of SVG icons, which are compiled into a font .woff2 and an associated .css file. For additional information, please refer to the UI icons (Icon font) section.

Around / src / js

This directory comprises the primary theme.js file and a components subfolder housing various modules. The theme.js file undergoes processing through an npm script that involves compilation and minification processes. This results in the generation of two distinct files: assets/js/theme.js and assets/js/theme.min.js. The latter is then linked to all .html documents within the project.

Around / src / scss

This folder houses all project .scss files, which are compiled and minified into styles within the assets/css folder.

Around / components

Around UI Kit - a collection of component preview pages accompanied by corresponding code snippets.

Around / docs

The documentation you are currently reading.

Around / build

The folder contains JavaScript files that execute Node.js scripts used in the build system. The config.js is the file where you can configure your project paths (directory structure).

Around / package.json

The file holds essential metadata regarding your app or module, most notably, it comprises a list of dependencies to be installed from the npm repository when you run npm install command.